ISM-XJTLU Joint PhD Program

In T-cell Immunity




About ISM and XJTLU:



Center of Systems Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

中国医学科学院 系统医学研究中心

Institute of Systems Medicine




Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University




Program Introduction:



Aim of the Program



According to the MoU signed by ISM and XJTLU, we launch this joint PhD program in T-Cell Immunity. This program aims to foster new talented individuals, who are adept at scientific critical and innovative thinking, have good bench skills and are able to adapt to the international cooperative model of scientific projects.



Scientific Project



We invite highly motivated young talent with prior knowledge and training in immunology and cell biology for a PhD fellowship position studying T cell immunity. The position is embedded in a joint research project focusing on T cell signaling, development and anti-tumor immune responses. The PhD project will investigate the role of immune adaptors e.g. SLP-76 in T-cell signaling and its regulation, memory formation and cytolytic effector function. It will employ live-cell imaging, deeper tissue two-photon imaging, flow cytometry and other cutting-edge technologies in immunology including transgenic and gene knockout mouse models.

AG威斯尼斯人娛乐城诚邀在免疫学和细胞生物学领域有基础知识和培训的,且具有极高积极性的青年人才加入AG威斯尼斯人娛乐城的T细胞免疫学博士生学习项目。该博士生将加入一项关注于T细胞信号传导、发育和抗肿瘤免疫反应的联合研究项目。该博士学习项目将主要研究免疫接头蛋白如SLP-76T细胞免疫激活中的作用及其调控规律,记忆T细胞免疫记忆构造和细胞溶解的效应功能。研究项目将使用活细胞成像、 深层组织双光子成像、流式细胞术和其他免疫学领域的尖端技术,包括转基因和基因敲除小鼠模型。


Training Mode



This 3/4-year PhD program will be co-supervised by the PIs from ISM, XJTLU and the UoL. Each year, the student is required to submit an annual progress report, which is subject to assessment by 2 independent assessors. The key emphasis for the award of a PhD degree by University of Liverpool is on that the student has made an original contribution to learning, which is coherently structured and clearly presented; and has shown evidence of systematic study and the ability to relate the results of such study to the general body of knowledge in the subject. A PhD final exam and the essay will be arranged at the last year. Geographically, the student will be mainly based on the campus of ISM and XJTLU, while there will be opportunities to have a short period of study and visit at UoL. The final PhD degree is conferred by University of Liverpool.

该项目学制3年(可延长1年)。由中国医学科学院澳门威斯尼斯人网址44、西交利物浦大学和英国利物浦大学三方联合导师共同培养。 学生每年需要提交一份年度报告,由独立专家给予审核和建议。博士生毕业将以毕业考试和论文为准,英国利物浦大学授予博士学位的宗旨该生对学习的项目有原创性的贡献,能够连贯的搭建构架并清晰的表述;能够体现出系统性的学习并能够将所学的成果与领域内知识体系相结合。 学生的主要学习工作地点将是在苏州系统所和西浦校区完成,同时也有去英国短期学习访问的机会。


Tuition Fees and Scholarship



The tuition fee of this PhD program is normally RMB 80,000/annual, which will be waived by XJTLU for 3 years. In addition, the co-supervisors will offer a stipend of about RMB 3,500/month.



Entry Requirement



Academic Requirements:

Normal entry requirement for Chinese applicants: A bachelor degree with a minimum grade of 80% or a master degree from a recognized Chinese university.

For more information, please visit http://www.xjtlu.edu.cn/en/study-with-us/admissions/entry-requirements

一般来说,申请者最低学历要求为:中国大学本科平均分80及以上。硕士学历优先考虑。具体信息请查询 http://www.xjtlu.edu.cn/zh/study-with-us/admissions/entry-requirements


English Language Requirements:

IELTS                          6.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each component)

雅思考试(学术类)  平均分≥6.5,听说读写各项≥5.5

TOEFL iBT                  88 or above with minimum scores in components as follows: Listening                                                                                      and Writing 21, Reading 22, Speaking 23.                                                             

托福考试(网考)       总分≥88,听力及写作≥21,阅读≥22,口语≥23


How to apply



Please prepare the following documents and send them to fulei_gd@126.com :

·            Application Form (Please download and complete the form)

·            School or university transcripts

·            Degree certificates

·            Certificate of English Language Qualification

·            Personal statement

·            Two recommendation letters. It is your responsibility to obtain these letters from your referees.

·            Recent ID photograph


     准备以下材料(要求英文、电子版,并发送至fulei_gd@126.com :

·           入学申请表Application Form

·           大学成绩单

·           学历证书

·           英语语言成绩证明

·           个人陈述

·           两封推荐信

·           近照(护照照片大小)


We shall acknowledge all applications by email. Should you have any questions regarding your application, please feel free to contact us at fulei_gd@126.com.


Your application materials will be first reviewed by the advisory committee of the joint PhD program. Interview will be arranged after the initial screening, and further admission process will be made through the University of Liverpool system. When accepted, the admission offer letter will come from XJTLU and the University of Liverpool, explaining  the conditions of your offer, including any scholarship details, and, if applicable, your tuition fees.